Image of young mother with a baby at an appointment seeking help from a service providerMany of our best referrals come from lawyers in private practice, legal assistance providers, the Courts, Members of Parliament and community service providers. In order to make an effective warm referral, service providers should complete our online Refer a Matter form.

If you encounter someone who requires pro bono legal assistance, please assist them by warm referring them using our Refer a matter form.

Law Access assists some of the most vulnerable people in Western Australia to obtain access to justice. We help those people who are unable to get assistance from a Community Legal Centre, the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia or Legal Aid WA and who would otherwise be unable to obtain legal assistance.

We complete a means and merits assessment when we receive an application. If your service has already completed either of these, please provide Law Access with the relevant information to avoid duplication.

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Public Interest Matters

Law Access is interested in potential public interest cases that Not-for-Profit organisations might help us to identify in the first instance.

A matter may be of public interest if it affects a significant number of people, raises matters of broad public concern, and requires a legal intervention to avoid a significant or avoidable injustice, or particularly impacts on disadvantaged or marginalised groups.

For example, a 2017 Law Access referral to pro bono migration lawyers developed into a significant public interest case potentially impacting up to 1,600 asylum seekers.

If you come across a case that might meet our public interest criteria, please refer the affected applicant(s) to us.

If you are unsure what steps to take, please get in contact with us.

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