For our meet up post this week… We have someone a little different! Meet Lasse Stenersen, Director CTO at Filepro. Lasse’s firm has generously donated their integrated software system FilePro. We started using FilePro in July 2018, and the system enabled us to transition smoothly to an electronic-only remote environment during the lockdown for COVID-19. Lasse and his team customised FilePro for us. He is an expert with data and has regularly completed pro bono work for us. Most recently, Lasse assisted Law Access to develop new data collection systems and reports for our WA Pro Bono model project.

What are the main challenges you faced when customising Law Access’ data collection and reporting system?
The biggest challenge was that the requirements for Law Access are quite unique and different from that of an average law firm, who I normally work with. So it takes some extra effort upfront to fully understand the requirements. But once this was completed, the report development itself was not that different.

What do you enjoy about working with Law Access and solving these types of problems?
Being able to assist a worthy organisation like Law Access is always rewarding in its own right. But on top of that, I always find it rewarding to be able to deliver working solutions to unique or complex tasks. To take the overall requirement and break it into its different components and develop each part.

When a law firm is looking to improve their reporting, what you do you recommend?
There are a few things I would recommend:
· Pick the focus and keep it at a manageable level. Better to have several projects rather than one massive one.
· Work out if the key datapoints are currently tracked/entered, or if new procedures or software are required
· Get a clear understanding of how accurate/consistent the source data is, especially if the datapoints are manually entered.
· Make sure the person doing the development of the reports, or liaising with the developer has a full understanding of the end requirement