You are welcome to warm refer a person you are assisting through your work or volunteering.

If the person you are referring would like you to liaise with us on their behalf, they can appoint you as their nominated contact.

Before you submit a warm referral, please review the below information about eligibility to avoid disappointment.

Click here to watch our informational video of warm referrals to Law Access.

Law Access does not assist with all areas of law. In particular, we do not assist with:

  • Personal injury and negligence. Many law firms will act in personal injury and negligence matters on a “no-win-no-fee” basis, if they think it has legal merit.
  • Family law – children’s matters.
  • Defamation matters.
  • Intractable disputes between neighbours, including dividing fences disputes.
  • Restraining order matters for applicants or respondents.
  • Minor criminal law matters.
  • Building disputes.
  • Uncontested deceased estates.
  • Social security (except if at Administrative Appeal Tribunal level or above).
  • Complex commercial disputes or business matters, unless in our view the circumstances warrant pro bono assistance and the matter otherwise meets our eligibility criteria.
  • Native Title matters.

Law Access is also unable to help:

  • Matters that are so urgent that we could not complete a sufficient assessment or reasonably ask lawyers to accept a pro bono referral.
  • Where the person you are referring can afford a lawyer.
  • Where the person you are referring already has a lawyer helping them (unless that lawyer supports the referral).
  • Matters which do not apply WA law or which are not otherwise connected to WA, for example, a matter being heard in a court outside of WA.
  • Matters which are customarily or can adequately be dealt with by the applicant without legal representation or assistance.
  • Disputes going through internal complaints mechanisms.

If you wish to warm refer the person you are assisting to Law Access, please click the button below.

Please note: Law Access has complete discretion over which matters it accepts as eligible.

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