Law Access cannot help if:

  1. Your organisation is for profit.
  2. Your organisation does not have a connection with WA.
  3. Your organisation can afford to pay for legal services.
  4. Your organisation has not exhausted alternative avenues for assistance.
  5. Your organisation’s aims are not in the public interest and only to benefit members. 
  6. Your organisation needs legal assistance for an internal dispute or a dispute with another not-for-profit organisation.
  7. Your organisation is a start-up without clear plans.
    • You need a clear idea of your purpose, the services you plan to provide, the unmet need for those services, proposed governance arrangements (e.g. potential directors/committee members) and a financial plan considering potential funding sources.

If you wish to apply to Law Access, please click the button below.

Please note: Law Access has complete discretion over which matters it accepts as eligible.

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